With its consolidated relations with innovative companies, Eagle  Synergies supply integrated solutions for the Active Safety and Accident Prevention on work places, based on the application of advanced technologies as RFId, wireless sensor networks &  ambient intelligence like EGOpro Safety,  a smart technology composed by modular solutions easy to install and to control.

PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION: The system ensures a controlled and safe access in hazardous or dangerous areas. The operator is identified at the entrance by his ID, used to evaluate his permission levels. At the same time the system checks if the operator is properly equipped by checking the presence of safety protections (i.e. helmet, gloves, security locks, etc.) by RFID embedded in the security gears.

DATA LOGGING AND MANAGEMENT: The system monitors and tracks all entry/exit movements from physical and virtual points and hot spots for the safe management of restricted areas. The system manages entries according to classic access control processes based on the identification of persons and machines (personal data, customised profiles, calendar, time zones, entry levels, double control, alarm management, etc.). 

MACHINE/PERSON ASSOCIATION: EGOpro Safety Access Control can manage machine access control together with personal control by using the EGO BOOSTER Tag which associates the identification of the machine with that of its driver, integrating active technology (which identifies the machine) with passive technology (which identifies the driver) in the same device. The first tool to ensure safety in hazardous environments is that of access control. EGOpro Safety Access Control is the module of the EGOpro Safety system that fully manages access to operating areas in an integrated and flexible manner.