Data treatment, processing, storage and transmission are key technologies dominating our daily lives. Innovative services are continuously introduced on the market with an exponential increase of data quantity. To support Enterprises that need to establish or update data processing or transmission systems, Eagle Synergies has established partnership relation with competent Companies able to provide excellent services at competitive cost and secure the management and the protection of your data wherever, whenever. In particular the provided services are organised in two main areas: Security Services that include: 1) definition of security policies and security analysis standards, 2) the introduction of Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plan, 3) The  installation and configuration of security solutions and Cloud & Data Center Design which include1) creation / transformation and management of Data Centers, 2) Implementation of UCC and Cloud solutions for Enterprise customers; 3) Advanced services related to Cloud (XaaS), 4) Video Surveillance Smart Solutions, 5) Smart metering, 6) remote controlling and energy efficient solutions 7) Smart building and facility management solutions, 8) Network, 9) Infrastructure & Security.